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You are awake.

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Track Name: Alpha State
You are here.


Wrapped tightly in your comfortable material world.

A delicate hallucination threads together an ocean of vibrating particles like a quilt.

And you lay here.


Your thoughts begin to slow down mechanically, as though their very chemical function is being frozen.



You feel calm as your control is stripped away.

And breathe slowly as abstract matter begins to envelop your physical space.

It feels so natural slipping from this world.
Track Name: Memory Den (feat. Clockvice)
Do you feel this space around you?

Empty. It is only you.

A tightly wound web of synapses.

A composite of archived memories.


Listen to them.

Frayed snippets of time flashing from deep within this organic hard drive.




Cherish them for now, for you cannot take them with you.

These moments thrive in impermanence.
Track Name: Dream Recall (feat. Babokon)
Good Morning

You’ve made it

The end.

All of this, everything here

Building towards a single meaningless moment.

The moment it is all stripped away.

And you live for this moment

You temporary creature, you.

For slipping into the unknown is all you’ll ever find

In the end.

It’s time to wake up.